Maharaja Express - Indian Panorama
8 Days / 7 Nights
From NZ$ 8925

Relish royalty, spirituality and wilderness. Embark on an unforgettable escapade that starts off with the capital city of Delhi. Make your way through the sacred city of Varanasi and cruise on the River Ganges to observe ancient spiritual rites. Witness the immortal beauty of the Taj Mahal in Agra, the sensuous moods of the temples of Khajuraho, the elegance and imperial splendour in Lucknow and the wilderness of the Ranthambhore National Park.



Saturday - Day 1DelhiTime
  Welcome and Check In at Delhi Safdurjung Railway Station 20:45hrs
  Dinner on-board 21:30hrs
  Maharajas’ Express proceeds for Jaipur 22:00hrs
Sunday - Day 2Jaipur 
  Breakfast on-board 08:00hrs
  Arrive into Jaipur 09:50hrs
  Proceed to visit the Amber Fort 10:00hrs
  Proceed to City Palace or Jai Mahal Palace for lunch. Indulge with the elephants, paint them, feed them and enjoy a joy ride 12:45hrs
  Return to Maharajas’ Express or you may choose to participate in Optional Activities such as Spa at a hotel or Private Shopping tour or visit the Observatory and City Palace Museum 15:00hrs
  Dinner on-board 20:00hrs
  Maharajas’ Express proceeds for Sawai Madhopur 23:00hrs
Monday - Day 3Ranthambore - Fatehpur Sikri 
  Proceed for an exciting game drive at Ranthambore National Park 06:30hrs
  Return to the comforts of Maharajas’ Express 09:30hrs
  Breakfast on-board 09:45hrs
  Maharajas’ Express proceeds for Fatehpur Sikri 10:55hrs
  Lunch on-board 13:00hrs
  Arrive into Fatehpur Sikr 14:35hrs
  Visit the deserted Mughal City of Fatehpur Sikri 15:45hrs
  Return to the comforts of Maharajas’ Express 18:00hrs
  Dinner on-board 20:00hrs
Tuesday - Day 4Agra – Gwalior 
  Arrive into Agra and proceed to visit the TajMahal 07:30hrs
  Champagne Breakfast at Taj Khema 09:45hrs
  Return to the comforts of Maharajas’ Express 11:15hrs
  Maharajas’ Express proceeds for Gwalior 11:45hrs
  Lunch on-board 12:30hrs
  Proceed for a visit to Gwalior Fort, Saas Bahu Temple and Jain Cave Sculptures or you may avail spa facilities at hotel Usha Kiran Palace 14:30hrs
  Visit the Jai Vilas Palace Museum followed by Hi-Tea at the Jai Vilas Palace Compound 18:00hrs
  Return to the comforts of Maharajas’ Express 20:30hrs
Wendesday - Day 5Khajuraho 
  Maharajas’ Express proceeds for Khajuraho 06:30hrs
  Breakfast on-board 08:00hrs
  Lunch on-board 12:30hrs
  Arrive into Khajuraho and proceed to visit the Khajuraho temples 14:15hrs
  Return to the comforts of Maharajas’ Express. You have an option to choose Optional Activities – Spa facility at a hotel or Light and Sound Show or Dances of India Show 17:00hrs
  Dinner on-board 20:15hrs
  Maharajas’ Express proceeds for Varanasi 23:10hrs
Thursday - Day 6Varanasi 
  Breakfast on-board 08:00hrs
  Arrive into Varanasi. Proceed to visit Silk Weaving Center followed by Lunch at Taj Gateway Hotel 12:20hrs
  Visit Sarnath ruins and museum 15:30hrs
  Proceed for Boat Ride on the Ganges to witness evening Aarti 16:45hrs
  Return to the comforts of Maharajas’ Express 20:00hrs
  Dinner on-board 20:30hrs
  Maharajas’ Express proceeds for Lucknow 23:00hrs
Friday - Day 7Lucknow 
  Breakfast on-board 07:00hrs
  Proceed to visit Bara Imambara, Chota Imambara, Rumi Darwaza and Residency 08:45hrs
  Proceed for an Awadhi Lunch at Vivanta by Taj 12:30hrs
  Return to the comforts of Maharajas’ Express 16:00hrs
  Enjoy an “Indian Evening” on-board 19:00hrs
  Dinner on-board 20:00hrs
  Maharajas’ Express proceeds for Delhi 21:30hrs
Saturday - Day 8Agra-Delhi 
  Breakfast on-board 07:15hrs
  Disembark and bid farewell to Maharajas’ Express as your journey comes to an end 08:30hr

Day 1 - Saturday, Delhi

Guests get to enjoy a traditional welcome and greet the luxury in a grand style at Delhi Safdarjung Railway Station. Treat your appetite with a lavish dinner onboard. Guests spend their night on the Maharajas' Express that leaves for the first destination in its Indian Luxury odyssey, Jaipur.

Day 2 - Sunday, Jaipur

Wake up to a delicious onboard Breakfast as you arrive at the Pink City, Jaipur. To take a closer look at the history of Jaipur, guests visit the ancient Amber Fort which is known for its artistic Hindu style elements. Maharajas' Express is a leader in cultural tourism and we ensure that our guests don't miss the cultural essence of our country. After visiting Amber fort guests proceed to City Palace/Jai Mahal Palace for exclusive Elephant activities where guests may choose to decorate them with bright hues, feed them or take the regal ride. This is followed by lunch.

Afterward, guests return to the palatial comforts of Maharajas' Express or may also choose to participate in the optional activities that we provide in our Indian culture tours. Guests can choose from

Spa facilities at the 5-star hotel
Private shopping tour
visit City Palace Museum and the Observatory

the world's largest stone sun-dial that is colloquially known as Jantar Mantar. Guests can treat themselves to an on-board Dinner. Maharajas' Express then leaves for the second place in its Indian luxury odyssey, Sawai Madhopur to bring you closer to the flora and fauna of India.

Day 3 - Monday, Ranthambhore - Fatehpur Sikri

The world's leading luxury train arrives at Sawai Madhopur and guests proceed for an exciting Game Drive at Ranthambore National Park. The shimmering greens of Ranthambore are included in all our pan-Indian itineraries.Guests can then return to the stately comforts of Maharajas' Express.After an on board breakfast the Maharajas' express departs for the ancient Mughal capital, Fatehpur Sikri.Guests can have lunch on Board as they arrive in Fatehpur Sikri.Guests can closely explore the deserted city, Fatehpur Sikri where once the Mughal emperor, Akbar ruled.Guests later return to the comforts of the Maharajas' Express for an on-board Dinner.The train leaves for another alluring city in Maharajas' Indian culture tours, Agra.

Day 4 - Tuesday, Agra - Gwalior

Guests Arrive in Agra and continue their Indian luxury odyssey with a visit to the monumental symbol of love, the Taj Mahal. Guests can enjoy a princely Champagne Breakfast atop Taj Khema and later return to the comforts of Maharajas' Express. Maharajas' Express then proceeds for Gwalior, a new destination in our mesmerizing Indian culture tours. Guests can enjoy an onboard lunch and then proceed to visit to Gwalior Fort, Saas Bahu Temple and Jain Cave Sculptures or they can also choose to avail spa facilities at Usha Kiran Palace Hotel.Over the years we have created a niche for ourselves in Indian culture tourism and afterward, our guests can visit the Jai Vilas Palace Museum followed by Hi Tea in the compound of the palace. Guests later return to the palatial comforts of Maharajas' Express. Guests spend their night on board amidst comfort and luxury as the train is stationed overnight at Gwalior. Early morning the train leaves for Khajuraho to visit the magnificent temples of Madhya Pradesh.

Day 5 - Wednesday, Khajuraho 

Enjoy delicious onboard breakfast and lunch at our thematic restaurants- Rang Mahal and Mayur Mahal. Arrive in Khajuraho and proceed to visit the Khajuraho temples (Western Group Of Temples), the beginning of spiritual escapade in our Indian luxury odyssey.

Spa facilities at a 5-star hotel
Sound and Light Show
Dances of India Show

Guests can either return to the comforts of Maharajas' Express or may choose from optional activities

Our unique itineraries have helped us to become the leader of Indian culture tourism. After an onboard dinner, Maharajas'. Express continues its spiritual escapade. Guests spend their night on board at Maharajas' Express that proceeds for Varanasi, one of the oldest continuously inhabited city.

Day 6 - Thursday, Varanasi 

Guests please their taste buds with an onboard breakfast. Maharajas' Express arrives in Varanasi and gives its guests the authentic taste of Indian culture tourism. In Varanasi, guests visit the Silk Weaving Center followed by a sumptuous lunch at Taj Gateway Hotel. Afterward, guests visit Sarnath ruins and museum. Even in our Indian luxury odysseys, we ensure that our guests do get to observe the divine side Indian culture, our guests enjoy a boat ride at the holy river Ganges to witness evening prayer. Guests then return to the comforts of the Maharajas' Express and have dinner onboard. The Maharajas' Express leaves for the city of royal splendor and relishing delicacies, Lucknow. Guests spend their night comfortable on the opulent Maharajas' Express.

Day 7 - Friday, Lucknow 

Guests start their day with an on-board breakfast. Later proceed to visit Bara Imambara, Chota Imambara, Rumi Darwaza and The Residency followed by delicious Awadhi lunch along with the live Kathak Dance performance at Vivanta by taj. We believe catering everything with extravagance in our Indian luxury odyssey. Guests later return to the comforts of Maharajas' Express and enjoy an "Indian Evening" followed by dinner onboard. The Maharajas' Express leaves for Delhi, marking the end of its Indian culture tour.

Day 8 - Saturday, Delhi 

 Guests begin their day with an onboard breakfast. Collect your unforgettable memories and bid farewell to the Maharajas' Express as your journey comes to an end!

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Haridwar Rishikesh
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Varanasi Khajuraho
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Salaam Baalak Trust Tour Walk3
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Andaman Islands
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Flavours of India
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Flavours of India - Cooking Class

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Ayurveda Beaches
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Yoga, Ayurveda & Beaches

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Duration: 6 Days / 5 Nights
Indian Panorama
Train Journey

Starts: Delhi

Ends: Delhi

Grade: Easy Paced

Departs: Every Saturday

What's Included?

07 nights’ accommodation on board

Complete travel

All Meals

Sightseeing tour

Entrance fee & Monument charges

Wildlife Safari at Ranthambhore

High tea & Boat Ride at Varanasi

All current taxes

Fact File

Train Departs every Saturday

Note: Tour Itinerary and Destination may change without prior notice.